Need help?

Dr Bach believed in self-help. He wanted us to have the power to heal ourselves and each other, which is why he made his system of flower remedies as simple as possible.

Our advice if you are coming to the remedies for the first time is to leap in and have a go! Read the indications for each remedy and make a choice with the help of our guides to selection and dosage.

Sometimes, though, it isn't that easy. Maybe we need some objective input to help us work out how we feel, or maybe we have been using the remedies for some time, and have got stuck.

This is a good time to seek out the help of a qualified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. BFRPs are trained to help you select remedies, and at the same time teach you more about them. Our practitioners aim to help you use the system for yourself - so you won't be committing yourself to a long-term relationship or many hours of therapy unless that is what you want. All BFRPs work using the simple consultation methods used by Dr Bach, based on listening and helping you work out for yourself how you feel.

You can get help with your questions too. Our list of frequently-asked questions covers everything from the history and philosophy of the system to how many drops to take. And you can contact us if you can't find the answer you need.

And don't forget to search the site - just use the box below.

"It was Dr Bach's dearest wish that his work remain unaltered in its basic simple form."

- John Ramsell, Questions & Answers