Why see a BFRP?

BFRPs - Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners - are people from all walks of life who share a dedication to Dr Bach's ideals of simplicity and self-help. They work with a therapy - the Bach system - but unlike most therapists they aim to share their knowledge.

"I remember people coming to the Bach Centre from all over the world looking for help. We set up the Register so that, wherever in the world help was wanted, there would be somebody there to give it."

Judy Ramsell Howard
The Bach Centre

What do clients think?

"I am convinced that your recommendations for flower essence therapy prevented me from going into a deep depression."

"Your therapy gave me a new lease on life and I am so very grateful."

"I now have time to do the things that are really important - my family and me."

"I am on the second day of taking them. It really has made a huge difference…. I am feeling much, much better."

"It’s a wonderful experience to have someone guide you, especially in those moments of change, when none of us is excellent at seeing the whole picture."

BFRPs speak

"We serve our clients by teaching them how to use the essences. We provide perspectives based on our education, experience, training and intuitive interpretation. We offer visions and training that cannot be gleaned from a book."

"[People come to see us when] they're so immersed in the situation that they can't get enough emotional distance from what they're doing... It's much easier to see what's going on when you're neutral, not emotionally involved."

"A BFRP is committed to the work and vision of Dr Bach, to holding 'faith and courage in the Divinity within' for the client."

"When we are immersed in our own problems, we sometimes can't see the wood for the trees."

"The commitment begins when we recognize the value of the flowers in our personal situation."

What students think

On some Level 3 courses students training to be BFRPs are asked to draw their idea of the ideal BFRP. Here's how students on a 2010 course in Edinburgh responded.