Dr Bach’s work was fine in the ’30’s – but don’t modern times call for modern remedies?

It’s true that times have changed and that we have new things to be afraid of and new freedoms and responsibilities. People in Dr Bach’s day did not have to fear AIDS and nuclear warfare, or worry about global warming and genetic engineering.

Does this mean that we need new remedies? We don’t think it does, because the remedies don’t treat the triggers for our emotions but the emotions themselves. Fear is the same now as it has always been; and so are love, understanding and kindness. Our modern emotions are no more complex than those described by Shakespeare, Dante and the authors of the Bible.

Many of the best things about new age spirituality are rediscoveries of old beliefs and practices that bring us more in touch with our roots and remind us of our relationship to the world and to nature. The remedies can be seen in that context: not as something outmoded but as something eternally renewed and timeless.

The 38 remeides put us in touch with our higher, spiritual self – and in this way give us the freedom to develop at our own pace, whatever that pace may be, in perfect freedom from our ego’s greed for immediate enlightenment.