How do the courses work?

For the Level 1 DLP, when we receive your application form we send you lesson 1 by email or post, depending on which you selected, and any books you ordered by post. We also tell you the name of the Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner who will be your mentor.

You email or post the completed first lesson direct to your mentor. She will mark your work and send it back with a letter or email answering any questions you have asked about the course material. She will also send you lesson two.

When you send lesson two to your mentor you receive lesson three, and so on until you have finished the course.

There are five lessons in the L1 DLP. When you have completed the last lesson the mentor will notify us and we will email you a Bach Centre-approved Level 1 certificate.

For the Level 2 DLP, see the full description on the main course page.

The Level 3 DLP is in two parts. The first part is led by a trainer. You will be in a set group that will meet online, once a week for seven weeks. You have tasks to complete between the online sessions and will use resources on our website (including a course manual, videos and downloads) to help. You record your progress in a personal Dossier.

After the seven group sessions you have a further six weeks (if needed) to take part in a consultation observation exercise and a one-on-one tutorial with your trainer. Again, both are online. That done, you then complete any remaining tasks in the course manual and Dossier, and send your completed Dossier to an assessor.

The assessor will guide you through a personalised assessment process that includes a personal action plan, a live examination online and at least one further case study observation.

See the Level 3 DLP course page for more information.