How long does it take to complete a DLP?

For the Level 1 DLP, we ask mentors to mark and return work within four weeks of receipt. In practice they usually turn work around faster than that. There are five lessons in total, so the time needed depends on how quickly you work. Three to four months is common.

For the Level 2 DLP, the online sessions typically take place once a week, although they are sometimes offered over longer or shorter time periods. Once you have attended all six, you have to send in your Dossier. The time you take on that depends on how much time you can devote to completing all the activities. Again, three to four months is probably a good assumption.

For the Level 3 DLP you will need at least seven weeks at the start to attend all the online sessions with your trainer; then you must complete your Dossier and send to the assessor, work on your personal action plan, and take part in at least two further assessments. If you work fast and reach the standards required early it is possible to complete the course inside six months.

We don’t advise that you try to hurry through any Distance Learning Programme. You will get more from your course if you allow yourself time to revise and reflect as you go.

The L1 and L2 DLPs are not formally assessed and for that reason we don’t set a deadline for completion. Once you are signed up you can complete the course in your own time. We will delay the issue of certificates to students if we feel that they have not engaged realistically with the material.

The L3 DLP is formally assessed and you must complete everything successfully within 18 months of your first online session.