Is it safe to take the remedies if you are a recovering alcoholic, given the brandy content?

If remedies are diluted into a dropper bottle and taken four drops at a time in the usual way the amount of alcohol taken is very small.

Nevertheless, taking even a minute quantity of alcohol may have a psychological impact on someone who has decided to give up completely. In addition there is a very powerful drug (known as Antabuse) which can cause a violent reaction in someone drinking even a tiny quantity of alcohol. For these reasons it is best in these circumstances to consult your qualified medical practitioner before taking the remedies.

When you do so you might explain the dilution process and that it is possible to administer the remedies externally by rubbing them on the pulse points.  And you may prefer to use the ‘alcohol-free’ remedies which are made using the same mother tincture but are then diluted into vegetable glycerine instead of brandy.

But if in doubt, please ask your adviser.