Is there a pass mark or an exam?

There are no pass marks or assessments for the L1 DLP and the L2 DLP. Both are an opportunity to learn and grow, and everyone who attends a course receives the corresponding certificate.

For L3 DLP you have to meet a series of conditions to complete the course successfully:

  • Attend at least 80% of the seven weekly online group sessions at the start of the course
  • Complete any outstanding one-on-one sessions with the trainer within six weeks of the last group session
  • Send a completed Dossier to the assessor in order to start off the assessment process
  • Pass an online viva voce assessment with the assessor (you have up to three attempts at this)
  • Pass a consultation observation with your assessor (you have up to three attempts)
  • Complete the whole course within 18 months of the first online group session

When you meet all those conditions you will receive a L3 certificate, and you can apply if you wish to join the Bach Centre’s International Register.