Someone said I should take Star of Bethlehem at the same time as the crisis formula. I thought Star of Bethlehem was one of the things in the crisis combination, so why should I take both?

Dr Bach’s ‘rescue’ combination is a crisis remedy – something to keep ready to hand when things have gone wrong. So if you have just been flooded out you might reach for the crisis combination bottle while you look through your contents insurance.

Later, if it appeared that shock was the main emotion, you might switch to Star of Bethlehem alone. You could take both right away – it wouldn’t do any harm – but the crisis formula alone would be sufficient for the initial crisis.

An occasion where you might take both, perhaps mixed in a dropper bottle, is if you were suffering from regular ’emergencies’ in the form of panic attacks – but could trace them back to a trauma in the past. There would then be clear indications for both remedies.

Generally speaking you should think of the crisis formula as a single remedy with its own indications, rather than as a mix of five remedies.