What are the benefits of being a BFRP?

Joining the Register means that you become a member of a world-wide community of people committed to Dr. Bach’s work and vision.

The contact information for active BFRPs – i.e. BFRPs who are open to more clients – can be found on Bach Centre website. You have access to your own account on the site so that you can update your contact information, add your photo to it, and list your other therapies, create a personal biography etc.

We regularly supply BFRP contact info to individual clients.

We offer BFRPs the use of our name and logo and our trade marked “BFRP” letters. This helps BFRPs to project professionalism and reassures the public that practitioners have been trained and are working under a Code of Practice.

There are online practice guidelines including help on giving a talk, working with children and animals… and we offer BFRPs our personal support with anything to do with Bach practice. We sometimes have local arrangements allowing BFRPs to get discounts on remedies and other kinds of support, and all BFRPs get a 10% discount on books, remedies and other items in the Bach Centre’s online shop. BFRPs have access to BFRP-only content, and are encouraged to do further study (and to teach) via the BC-ACE programme.

We have a BFRP-only online community where you can find support and insight from BFRPs all over the world, and teacher-training programmes that provide a way to get involved in teaching Bach Centre-approved Level 1 courses, and beyond.

Not least, the registration fee helps support the running of the Centre. The Centre’s main job is to promote and protect the original ideals of Dr Bach regarding the therapy, i.e. simplicity and self-help. Many BFRPs maintain their registration because they want to support those ideals.

Finally, active BFRPs in the UK have automatic membership of COREP, which gives them access to independent regulation via the GRCCT.