What is the difference between active and inactive BFRPs?

First, the similarities: both are on the Bach Centre’s Register, both meet all the conditions to join the Register, and both pay the registration fee.

An active practitioner is a BFRP whose contact information appears in the country lists on our web sites. For example, everybody listed under “Singapore” is active. As well as paying a registration fee, active practitioners confirm when they re-register that they are developing their skills as practitioners.

The names of inactive practitioners are given in a list that just lists their names, with no contact information. BFRPs choose to be inactive for a number of reasons: they might be on sabbatical or not be working as practitioners, or simply be busy enough that they are not looking for new clients.

Some inactive BFRPs stay on the Register simply to support the Centre’s work. Others maintain their registration so they can continue to teach Bach Centre-approved courses. For many, “being a practitioner” is something that they do every day at work, at home and in the community – living out in this way Dr Bach’s belief that “everyone is a healer”. For these people, being part of the Bach community is about sharing a set of ideals.