What’s in the courses?

Our DLPs meet the course approval criteria that apply to all Bach Centre-approved courses.

Topics covered on Level 1 include:

  • an overview of all the remedies, including the traditional ‘rescue’ combinations
  • how to select remedies
  • how to take remedies
  • an introduction to helping friends, family and animals

The L1 DLP involves a series of set tasks. You use the set books plus your own life experiences to find answers and write them down. Your mentor highlights areas where you may have missed something, and responds to any questions you have on the course material so as to clear up areas that you are not sure of.

Topics covered on Level 2 include:

  • type and mood remedies
  • subtle differences between similar remedies, and strategies for thinking them through
  • practice at basic consultation skills that are useful when helping other people
  • an overview of key concepts in Dr Bach’s philosophical approach to well-being

The L2 DLP uses a multimedia approach which is set out in some detail on the main L2 DLP page. You complete a personal Dossier of your journey through the different elements of the course, and once that is done and has been examined we email you a Level 2 certificate.

Topics covered on Level 3 include:

  • exploring and developing consultation skills
  • setting up and building a Bach practice
  • understanding the Bach practitioner role and ethos
  • deepening knowledge of the Bach system

The L3 DLP is a multi-strand course led by initially by a trainer and then by an assessor. Your assessment plan will be personal to you, and based on insights from your trainer and on your own written work. Assessments themselves are online. See also the main L3 DLP page.