Why doesn’t the Bach Centre support dowsing and kinesiology as ways of selecting remedies?

Dr Bach made his system simple and easy to understand. He wanted people from all walks of life to use by as a way of healing themselves.

When a practitioner uses the basic consultation technique for selecting remedies – which amounts to listening to what the client has to say – this is something that everyone can understand. Once the client sees that the remedies are chosen on the basis of how he feels and the sort of person he is, then he can go on treating himself in the future.

When dowsing, kinesiology or any other mechanical or purely intuitive selection method is used this introduces a barrier. Most people do not know how to dowse or muscle-test, so they feel obliged to go back to the practitioner every time they want to select a remedy.

Also, if the dowsing etc. works it will go straight to the heart of the problem before the client is necessarily ready to go that far. This means that self-knowledge, which is one of the aims of using with the remedies, is never attained properly.

We believe growth should go at the client’s speed, not the practitioner’s, and this is why all practitioners registered with the Bach Centre have signed a Code of Practice which commits them to select remedies using the classic interview technique that Dr Bach preferred.