Becoming a BFRP

Dr Edward Bach founded the Bach Centre to continue his philosophy of simplicity and self-help. He wanted to give the power of healing to everyone, which is why he made his system as easy to use as possible.

action_cancer_bfrpsBach Foundation Registered Practitioners (BFRPs) are professionally-trained people who share our belief in simplicity and self-help.

BFRPs are part of the Bach Centre team, and have made the same personal commitment to Dr Bach’s vision as the team based at Mount Vernon.

There are four stages to becoming a BFRP:

  1. Complete a Level 1 course to learn the core elements of the system
  2. Complete a Level 2 course to fine-tune your knowledge
  3. Complete a Level 3 course to develop the skills needed to run classic Bach consultations
  4. Apply for registration by accepting and agreeing to work under our Code of Practice