Distance Learning Programme

The Distance Learning Programme – DLP for short – is the Bach Centre’s introductory Level 1 correspondence course.

As well as the original English, the course is available in many languages.

Direct from the Centre: the DLP in English

The English DLP comprises five lessons and two required set books: The Bach Remedies Workbook and Bach Flower Remedies Step by Step. You can also order an optional audio CD Getting to Know the Bach Flower Remedies for a small additional cost.

The DLP is available anywhere in the world. You can choose to do the course by email or by post.

When you enrol for the DLP we send you the first of five lessons by email or post. We send the books by, and the CD if you have ordered it. A Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner will be assigned as your mentor.

When you have completed the first lesson you send it direct to your mentor. The mentor marks your work and returns it and the next lesson by email or post, answering any questions you have raised.

When you have completed the last lesson we will arrange for a Bach Centre-approved Level 1 certificate to be issued to you. Completion of the DLP allows you entry to any approved Level 2 course. You can start your training anytime and from anywhere in the world.

To order start here:

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Your order will normally be dispatched within a few days of receipt.

If you cancel a confirmed booking before lesson one has been marked we will deduct a cancellation fee of £50 from any refund. After your first lesson has been marked no refunds will be made. Book and CD sales are non-refundable.

Scroll down for answers to common questions.

Level 1 distance learning in other languages

Versions of the DLP are available in several languages, usually via agents in other countries:

Your questions answered

Can I complete the course online?

We don’t currently offer the course on a web site, but you can send and receive lessons by email. We will still send any books you order by post, of course.

What does the course cover?

The course meets the course approval criteria that apply to all Level 1 courses. Topics covered include:

  • an overview of all the remedies, including the traditional emergency combination
  • how to select remedies
  • how to take remedies
  • an introduction to helping friends, family and animals

The course involves a series of set tasks. You use the set books plus your own life experiences to find answers and write them down. Your mentor highlights areas where you may have missed something, and responds to any questions you have so as to clear up areas that you are not sure of.

How long does it take to complete?

We ask mentors to mark and return work within four weeks of receipt. In practice they usually turn work around much faster than that.

If you work quickly it is possible to finish the whole course in three months. We don’t advise that you try to hurry through the Level 1 Distance Learning Programme any quicker than this.

What’s the difference between doing the DLP and one of the classroom-based courses?

The class-based tutor-led Level 1 courses, which typically last a weekend, present all the remedies. You then need to spend about four months using the remedies so as to really learn them before you are ready to attend a Level 2 course.

The DLP, on the other hand, includes all the personal experience that you need. You could if you wanted attend a Level 2 course the minute you finish the DLP.

Which you prefer is largely a question of personal preference. If you like working alone and in your own time, choose the DLP. If you prefer working in groups and discussing things with others, choose a classroom-based course.

I’ve already got some books about the remedies. Do I still need to obtain the two set books?

The DLP study programme has been created around the set books, which present the original method as laid down by Dr Bach. So the answer is, yes, you do need to have the two set books even if you already own or have read other books.

Some popular books on the remedies contain errors. You may find your progress slow if you try to rely on other texts.

Is there a pass mark or an exam?

No. The Distance Learning Programme is an opportunity to learn and grow, and everyone who completes the course receives a certificate of completion. We only assess work in a formal way on the Level 3 practitioner course.

Are the Level 2 and Level 3 courses available as distance learning?

No, and we have no plans to make them available via distance learning. The Level 3 practitioner course, in particular, is an experiential course that requires attendance with a group of other students.