El programa BC-ACE

El programa BC-ACE (Educación Continua Aprobada por el Centro Bach) se ha creado para ayudar al desarrollo personal y profesional de los que trabajan con el sistema del Dr Bach.

BC-ACE events approved so far

BC-ACE is a response to many requests received from Level 3 students and BFRPs for opportunities to study the Bach system and its applications in more depth.

Want to lead your own event?

Bach Centre-Approved Continuing Education is not ‘Level 4’ because that would imply the same material being taught on all courses. Instead it aims to encourage the development of a wide range of courses so that BFRPs and other advanced remedy users can seek further development and learn on the path that is right for them.

Everything taught under the BC-ACE banner, even the most complicated and difficult of subjects, will be presented in the light of Dr Bach’s commitment to simplicity and self-help.

To encourage teachers and students to participate in the programme, the Bach Centre will provide certificates to all students who attend BC-ACE events; and will help publicise events via its web site, the BFRP Bulletin and social networking sites.