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Listas de lectura

These reading lists give you an idea of how best to prepare for the core Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses. Select the language you want to read in, and click “View”.

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The Bach Centre stocks a range of books that range from Dr. Bach’s early writings to more recent texts by former and current members of the Bach Centre team.  All can be relied upon to provide accurate information on the system and its history, and all have Dr. Bach’s message of simplicity at heart.

A notar que al momento no almacenamos ningún libro en español

The range includes:

Essential Writings of Edward Bach – containing both Heal Thyself and The Twelve Healers & Other Remedies

Heal Thyself – Dr. Bach’s philosophical work as a single publication

Original Writings of Edward Bach – John Ramsell & Judy Ramsell Howard (Eds.) – a compilation of Dr. Bach’s writings, letters, lectures and essays

The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician – Nora Weeks’ biography of how Dr. Bach discovered the remedies

The Bach Remedies Illustrations & Preparations – Nora Weeks & Victor Bullen – the plants and how the remedies are made

Bach Remedies Repertory – by C.J. Wheeler, Dr. Bach’s friend and colleague (updated by the Bach Centre)

The Dictionary of Bach Flower Remedies – Tom Hyne-Jones, a friend and visitor to Nora Weeks and the Bach Centre

The Handbook of Bach Flower Remedies – Philip Chancellor – description of the remedies together with case studies from Nora Weeks’ Newsletters

Bach Flower Remedies Step by Step – Judy Ramsell Howard – a straightforward guide to the remedy indications and how to use them, and includes sections on women, children, plants etc.

The Bach Remedies Workbook – Stefan Ball – a ‘course in a book’ which provides a means to learn about the remedies and the history of Dr Bach’s work.

Bach Flower Remedies for Women – Judy Ramsell Howard – how the remedies can help throughout a woman’s life from adolescence through to old age

Bach Flower Remedies for Men – Stefan Ball – how the remedies can help men throughout their life

Growing Up with Bach Flower Remedies – Judy Ramsell Howard – how the remedies can help babies, children and teenagers

Principles of Bach Flower Remedies – Stefan Ball – explanation of the remedies and their uses

Bloom – Stefan Ball – using the system for personal growth

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals  – Judy Ramsell Howard & Stefan Ball

Emotional Healing for Cats – Judy Ramsell Howard & Stefan Ball

Emotional Healing for Horses & Ponies –  Stefan Ball, Heather Simpson & Judy Ramsell Howard

Bach Flower Gardener – Stefan Ball – using the remedies to help plants

Emotional Wisdom – Lynn MacWhinnie, practitioner and Trainer provides a simple explanation of the remedies and their uses

The Plants of Dr. Bach – Gwenda Kydd – a detailed botanical perspective of each of the 38 remedies

Space to Think – Lesley Cooke – notes and quotes for personal reflection

All these books – and more – can be found in our online shop