Selecting remedies


Dr. Bach wanted his system to be easy to use. He wanted the process of selecting remedies and taking them to be without the need for professional advice. You don’t need special techniques or mystical abilities, you just need to be honest with yourself and aware of your feelings. The books and the information contained on this website will help you to choose what you need, but if you require further help selecting remedies you may want to consult a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner.

In the first instance, identify the reason why you are seeking help

For example, are you seeking help for a physical complaint such as asthma or arthritis or backache?  Although Dr. Bach did believe that there is a correlation between the way we feel emotionally and the way we feel physically, there is no Bach remedy directly for any physical ailment or condition.  The remedies work purely on an emotional level, so the first step is to think about how you feel emotionally, your mood, the way you respond and about the sort of person you are.

In this way the Bach remedies can support you in your healing, but you should consult a qualified doctor or appropriate medical advisor if you are concerned about any physical problem.

Next, think about your current feelings


Start by thinking about the way you feel at the moment.  For example, do you feel worried? anxious? uncertain? sad? depressed?  It may be that you have had a setback and are left feeling discouraged.  This would indicate the remedy Gentian.  Or perhaps your son is about to start school and quite without cause, you are frightened that he will be bullied? – this would indicate Red Chestnut as it is the remedy for the fear that something bad will happen to loved ones.  Or perhaps you have been working too hard and are exhausted? – this would indicate the need for Olive.

Consult the list of remedies – there are only 38 – and see which ones best match your current feelings.

If you do have a physical problem, consider how it makes you feel emotionally. Do you feel frustrated, annoyed, resentful, discouraged, resigned about the condition? Are you always thinking it about it? Does it make you feel anxious?

As before, look through the list of remedies and find those that best match how you feel.

Your personality

You could also think about your basic personality – the sort of person you are underneath everything else.

Perhaps you are someone who tends to be quiet, shy and timid, and doesn’t like meeting new people? – This might indicate that you are a Mimulus type.

On the other hand, maybe you recognise yourself as a Vervain person, full of enthusiasm and energy, and committed to justice for others? Or you might be something of a loner, liking quiet pursuits and your own company, reserved and upright? – That would be a Water Violet personality.

Don’t worry if you can’t find a personality remedy right away, though. The important thing is to select remedies for your current emotions.

Narrowing the choice

You can select up to six or seven different remedies in this way. Don’t worry if you make a wrong selection, because if a remedy is not needed it won’t do anything – it certainly won’t make things worse.

Experience has shown, however, that too many remedies taken at one time tend to lessen the effect, so there is no point mixing all 38 to zap everything at once! You simply need to consider your current feelings and the most important issues that concern you now.

If you find you have more than seven or eight remedies in your mix, you are probably including some that are not necessary. Leave out any that relate to feelings that are in the past, and any that aren’t really needed because another remedy is more accurate.

For example, if you have several for fear in your mix, think about what it is you are actually afraid of as it may be better to concentrate on the remedy that most accurately represents the quality of your anxiety.

Getting help

There is a full list of remedies on this web site; links lead to individual pages on each remedy. We also have a guide to dosage.

If you need some help to get started, or if you get stuck and would like an outside opinion, you can always consult a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. BFRPs act as teachers and advisors, and will give you the confidence to select remedies for yourself, and for your family and friends.