Obtaining remedies

KathyPersonal mixes - diluted ready to take

If you know which remedies you need, one option is to buy that mix in a dropper bottle, ready to take.

A standard 30 ml mixing bottle lasts up to three weeks of regular use. It will contain between one and seven remedies (depending on what you decide you need) diluted into water. A preservative (usually a teaspoon of brandy, glycerine or cider vinegar) is often added to help keep the contents fresh.

There are several ways to get a mixed bottle. Visit the Bach Centre if you are in Oxfordshire and we can mix a bottle for you - it only costs a few pounds. Further away? - many Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners offer a mail-order "bottle-only" service for a small fee.


If you don't know which remedies you need and want some help, contact a trained practitioner who will help you choose:

Stock remedies - remedies you dilute yourself

It is cheaper to buy a more concentrated form of remedy - stock remedies - if you want to use the system long term. Stock remedies are sold in shops, and are designed to be diluted before use. One stock bottle can make up a lot of personal mixes, and may last years.

You will find various brands readily available from shops and online retailers all over the world - just go to a search engine online and look.

For delivery in the UK only, the Bach Centre can supply small quantities of standard brandy-base stock remedies by mail order. We are not a wholesaler, however, and don't send brandy-based stock remedies outside the UK.

The only stock remedies the Bach Centre offers outside the UK by mail order are concentrated 10 ml "alcohol-free" remedies bottled in a mix of glycerine and water. They work out more expensive than standard brandy-based stock remedies. To order visit the online shop.

Personal visitors to Mount Vernon can also choose from a full range of brandy-based remedies and the traditional crisis combinations, so visit the Centre if you are nearby.

Advice on buying stock remedies

There are many remedy makers on the market today. Any remedy made properly will work well, so pick a brand you trust.

We advise avoiding combination products from any maker that claim to treat specific symptoms or situations such as tiredness, exam stress and sleeplessness. Beyond the traditional crisis combinations, which are designed for use when there is no time to make a proper choice, reliable results can only be obtained by making personal selections based on your individual emotional responses.