Practitioner launches book in Brazil

ABC dos Florais de BachApril 18 2010 saw the publication of a new book on the remedies in Brazil.

ABC dos Florais de Bach is an introduction for people new to the system. As well as remedy indications and 'how to' tips there is a guide to working with pharmacies, which is where most people in Brazil have their remedies mixed.

'The event was very positive and aroused the interest of many people,' says the author, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner Patricia Regina Alves. 'I gave a talk about the remedies and we performed a "Star of Bethlehem" dance specially developed for us by Anastasia Geng.'

ABC dos Florais de BachABC dos Florais de Bach - Dicas para a utilização correta das essências, by Patricia Regina Alves, is published by, price R$ 25,00.