Clowning around

Dr Fillie FidgetBach Foundation Registered Practitioner Filomena Cristallino has another side to her that isn't as well known among the Bach community. For in addition to her work with the remedies Filomena also works in various UK hospitals as a Clown Doctor.

Clown Doctors visit children in hospital. They use a mix of story-telling, circus skills, music, magic, puppetry and general tomfoolery to engage and empower children. They visit wards on a weekly basis, helping children and their families deal with the stressful, worrying and - often - boring experience of being in hospital.

The clown project that Filomena works with - Suffolk Artlink's Clown Round - is funded by the charity Children in Need, which runs an annual telethon on the BBC to raise funds. In 2009 £39 million was raised towards various good causes and projects.

'Just the other day we found out that Clown Round has been chosen to go on the “thank you” postcard that goes out to the nation - and I'm on it!' writes Filomena. If you recognise Filomena from the picture and she's in her working clothes, remember to address her by her professional name: Dr Fillie Fidget.