BFRPs in print

CeratoAugust 2010: Two more Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners have appeared in print this month.

Tracy Gibbons is the author of a feature on the remedies in the new issue of Fibromyalgia Focus, the journal published by the Fibromyalgia Association UK.

Her interest in fibromyalgia dates from fifteen months ago, when she was asked to attend a charity pamper evening in aid of fibromyalgia sufferers. This led to invitations to talk on the remedies to support groups, and a growing practice helping people who suffer from the condition.

Tracy has also recently appeared in Health & Beauty and Woman magazines.

Meantime Gwenda Kyd is the subject of a feature in the online magazine 'Local Secrets'. The writer of the piece goes along for a consultation and tells in her own words what happens.

The piece gives a good feel for what to expect from an everyday visit to a BFRP: an introduction to the system, a straightforward, simple approach - and of course a treatment bottle mixed in front of you.

Many BFRPs say that working with local and specialist publications like this is a really effective way to get the remedies to the attention of potential clients. These are just two examples of this in action.