Bach essences go to Haiti

Haiti20th October 2010

Sally Tamplin became a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner in 2006. She has spent several years teaching Dr. Bach's work to the homeopathic community in Minnesota, U.S.A., to raise money for homeopathic charities such as Homeopaths Without Borders and Jeremy Sherr’s Aids Project in Tanzania, Africa.

But it's Haiti that has a special place in Sally’s heart. Her older son, James, an engineer, was there during the earthquake on a mission project. He helped to rescue many people and went to work for a Doctors without Borders Clinic. Sally didn’t know for three days whether he was alive or dead.

He came back with many heart-wrenching stories, exhausted, and fearful that he may have contracted AIDS. His hands and arms had been cut and he had been exposed to blood and body parts. Sally helped him with homeopathy and Bach flower essences - Crab Apple was especially helpful for the fear of being contaminated. Fortunately James is doing well and his HIV test was negative.

Sally is off to Haiti in November with a team from Homeopaths without Borders. This is a charitable organization with dual goals – education and helping communities in need.

HWB volunteers first went to Haiti in early February to assist the victims of the earthquake. Many obstacles had to be overcome before the group even left, and tents, blow-up beds, flashlights, food, water and a vast variety of homeopathic remedies were collected and packed.

The group faced a long overland journey from the Dominican Republic; the 800 pounds (364 kilos) of supplies had to be distributed among the five volunteers who would carry them.

Once in Haiti they took over responsibility for treating patients at the Hopital Francais d’Haiti, a private hospital whose owner, Philippe Armand, had opened his facility to the public. After the resident French team left, the HWB volunteers often saw as many as 1,000 people per day.

From these early beginnings Homeopaths Without Borders have sent more teams, including a group that established a popular public clinic in St Vincent’s Orphanage for Crippled Children. The aim is to send a team every month to keep this free clinic manned. Sick Haitians are treated and the charity is working hard to educate Haitian medical personnel.

As well as using her bodywork techniques to ease the trauma of those who rely upon the clinic for medical care, Sally hopes to teach local staff how to use Dr Bach's system. Nelsons USA, who donated supplies to Homoepaths Without Borders at the start of the year, are supplying further Bach Original Flower Remedies that she will take to the clinic with her.

If you too would like to support the work of Homeopaths without Borders in Haiti please go to their web site: