French BFRP launches remedy board game

Emotica24th November 2010

Roselyne Binesse, a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner in France, launches her new remedy-focused board game Emotica today.

The launch comes at the end of a long development stage. 'I've been working on it for a year and a half,' says Roselyne, 'with friends, family, strangers, therapists, in a beautiful sharing of energies.'

The game can be played by between one and six players. The board represents a spiral with 39 coloured squares, and 39 cards describe the remedies and give questions designed to help the players explore their emotions.

Every care has been taken to make Emotica eco-friendly as well as fun to play. 'The designer and the printer I work with use vegetable-based inks and environmentally-friendly paper,' Roselyne says. 'It will be printed here in France to reduce its carbon footprint.'

Launched initially in the original French, pictures of the board, the rules and how to order the game are on Roselyne's web site from today.