Aggressive dogs helped in Polish remedy study

Dog study in Poland21st December 2010

The Centrum Terapii Bacha, the Bach Centre's education and registration partner in Poland, has completed a trial looking at the use of Bach remedies on aggressive and anxious dogs at a dog shelter.

The pilot study gave very encouraging results, explained the head of the Centrum Terapii Bacha, Dr. Igor Pietkiewicz.

'Three dogs were to be put to sleep, as they had been at the shelter for months and were very aggressive. Fortunately they improved dramatically and have already been adopted. Most of the dogs showed a permanent improvement, although in one case the dog's behaviour deteriorated after the study finished and it was put to sleep.'

The full trial results are currently being analysed prior to producing a full report.

'Dogs were videotaped at the beginning and at the end of the trial, and I want independent experts to assess their behaviour,' said Dr Pietkiewicz. 'We are also considering a double-blind placebo-controlled trial further down the line.'