1st National Bach Flowers Day in Barcelona

Jornada5th April 2011

Stefan Ball of the Bach Centre was one of more than 200 people who attended the 1st National Bach Flower Day in Barcelona, Spain, on the 26th March.

The event, organised by Laboratorios Diafarm, included guest speakers from England, Mexico and Spain, and offered several different perspectives on Dr Bach's work.

The audience included a large number of Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners; and many Level 3 students. In his closing address, Ball reminded the audience of Dr Bach's own wishes for the future of his system.

'Dr Bach's main priority at the end of his life was to present the public with a system that was as simple as possible to use,' he said. 'Taking a remedy should be something natural, easy and normal.'

He added, 'If we want to follow Dr Bach's path, we need to work with the completed system of 1936, and not mix it up with ideas that Dr Bach abandoned along the way.'