Bach in Belgrade

Bach in Belgrade26th April 2011

Many BFRPs (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners) around the world give up their spare time to help tell people about the remedies. They run talks and demonstrations, visit retailers, or set up stalls in health fairs and festivals.

Sometimes their efforts are supported by remedy-making companies or remedy distributors. But often they are working on their own, or with small local groups of interested people that they have set up themselves.

One such BFRP is Milena Kostic in Serbia.

"A couple of weekends ago we had a Festival of Health in Belgrade," Milena told us. "Our society for spreading and promoting Dr. Bach’s method was there, and presented information using photos and leaflets and by giving a talk."

Milena's society is called Bahove Cvetne Esencije, and has more than 30 members. Their booth was one of 50 at the Festival, which ran over three days and attracted a large number of visitors.

"Many people understood what we had say and many new people asked about the remedies," said Milena. "Our task was to tell visitors about the remedies and explain what Bach practitioners do."

Bach in BelgradeIt's thanks in part to the efforts of BFRPs like Milena that Dr Bach's work - and his simple approach to using the remedies - continues to reach new people in countries all over the world.