BIEP in Central America

Bach in Belgrade3rd June 2011

2011 is proving to be another year of growth for the Bach International Education Programme (BIEP) in Central America. We caught up with Louise Rothwell BFRP, a Bach trainer with ten years' experience who recently become involved in teaching for BIEP.

"Just last Sunday we finished the fourth day of the first BIEP Level 3 ever in Guatemala," Louise tells us. "There were 28 students, some from different parts of Guatemala, others from El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica."

The Level 3 course was taught by the BIEP Co-ordinator for Latin America, Marielena Nuñez.

"Marielena was fantastic," says Louise, "and everyone was really satisfied and excited with the course. Hopefully six months from now the students will be applying to join the International Register and represent the system in this part of the world."

Louise herself started teaching Bach after training at the Bach Centre and receiving a licence to teach Level 1. English by birth, she has lived and taught in Guatemala for years. But being the only Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner in the area hasn't always been easy.

"I have been alone on the Guatemala part of the Register for more than ten years now and it is a dream come true that this is about to change."

The link with BIEP has allowed Louise to widen her own teaching activities.

"I am now teaching level 2 here in Guatemala. This weekend I am teaching the first Level 1 in San Salvador and representatives from Costa Rica are attending to assess the possibility of bringing the programme to Costa Rica.

"Things are really moving over here."