Bach art exhibition in Buenos Aires

Bach art13 de julio de 2011

An art gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is planning a unique event: an art exhibition that will pay tribute to the work of Dr. Bach.

One of the organisers, Julia Vacas Iriart, says she was inspired by the teachings and the work of Edward Bach, and shares his way of seeing life and the world.

For Julia, the aim is "to honour him in the most authentic way and with absolute humility". She has gathered an eclectic mix of artists to achieve this, and all the senses will be involved: the exhibition will include everything from visual arts to sound, music, scent and movement.

BFRPs and BIEP trainers will be on hand as well, to share their knowledge of the system.

The exhibition will run for seven days, from the 29th September to the 6th October 2011, at the Galería de Arte Espacio 10 Arte, Guatemala 4757, Palermo, Buenos Aires.

"After several years of reading, studying and experimenting with the remedies, I realised that through them my soul had found its way home," said Julia. "Today I am proud to pay homage to this being who dared to go beyond intellectual conventions and who opened his heart to the search."