Lyon Whyte BFRP remembers the first Bach Centre practitioner course

Lyon with Keith Howard12th September 2011

The Bach Centre's practitioner course celebrated its 20th birthday on the 3rd September 2011. Lyon Whyte BFRP was a student on that first course.

"I was very excited about attending," Lyon told us. "I had only discovered the little brown bottles full of miracles about a week before, when visiting my parents who were feeding a neighbour's cats. They were on the neighbour's shelf and I felt drawn to them.

"I phoned Mount Vernon to find out more and was informed that they were just about to embark on the first ever course. It was a long way for me to come as I was living in Wales at the time, but I was on a mission and wasn't going to let anything get in my way!"

Lyon soon felt at home at the Bach Centre. "It was a beautiful few days. I remember John and Judy who were so very warm, and it was so peaceful to be in their presence.

"Judy's husband Keith talked us through the flowers and plants in the garden, and it was wonderful to see the furniture that had been made by Dr.Bach himself and see some of the original tinctures - the whole experience was, and still remains, a very special one to me."

Lyon felt especially privileged to have learned about the remedies in Dr Bach's own home, in the area where many of his remedies were prepared for the first time. She has remained on the Register ever since, and his found many opportunities to use what she learned.

"The remedies have been the most wonderful tool. Nothing has changed - they work in the same way as when Dr Bach gave them to us, just as nature supplied them.

"It's quite remarkable that I discovered them through my mother, because I went on to treat her throughout her ten year journey with Alzheimer's. Even when she had retreated very deeply into the disease, could no longer speak, and didn't recognise anyone but me - she would still reach for her little bottle. She knew, at a sub-conscious level, that the remedies helped and supported her.

"I have gone on to use the remedies with animals, having gained the BFRAP qualification some six years ago - and there too the results are life changing for pet and owner.

"I am eternally grateful for my decision, not only to go with my mother and help her feed her neighbour's cats, but to take the interest further and make the enquiry that was to go on and help not just my mother and of course myself, but the many people who I've been able to share this discovery with and make their journies that bit easier.

"There was a lot of synchronicity going on then, and it continues today!"

Lyon with Keith Howard

Bach Centre staff and students on the first practitioner course in September 1991. Lyon is fourth from left in the front row. Fifth from left at the back is John Ramsell, then head of the Bach Centre. Bach Centre team members Judy Ramsell-Howard (course teacher) and Muriel Ramsell are seated just below. On Judy's right hand is Chris Ball, assistant teacher on the course.