A Bach Christmas in Japan

Olea Flora3rd March 2012

Nozomi Yasui BFRP, a BIEP trainer who is one of the organisers of the Olea Flora Bach remedy group in Japan, has sent us news of their Christmas meeting back in December.

"We had a special program on that day," she told us.

"Usually, our meeting takes about 3 hours and we welcome up to 10 participants - plus the four of us who run the group.

"After introducing each other and sharing any news we have a 'question and answer' session, then we share our thoughts on remedies and discuss cases."

The Christmas meeting, though, featured something a bit different: mini consultations.

"The practitioners in the group took on the practitioner role," Nozomi explained, "but everyone could take a turn being a client.

"There are many newly-qualified practitioners and others who want to experience what it's like to be questioned as a client.

"Everyone seemed to be satisfied with this experience."

The Olea Flora group is just one of many local groups, often run by one or two practitioners, that bring together people who share an interest in Dr Bach's work. We list some of them on the web site; all of them, like Nozomi's group, are open to new members.

Olea Flora"We welcome practioners and anybody interested in Bach from anywhere in the world to join us," she said. "But English-speaking people only, please - or Japanese - otherwise, we will need a translator!"