Teacher training course confirmed

Anyone can do thisThe planned June 2012 date for the next Bach Centre teacher-training course has been confirmed. It will run from the 12th to 14th June 2012, at Mount Vernon.

The course - its official name is the Bach Foundation Teachers Programme (BFTP) - will be taught as usual by its creator, Lynn Macwhinnie BFRP.

Pictured on the right with students at a teacher-training event in Spain, Lynn has a wealth of teaching and training experience with groups ranging from a handful up to many hundreds. An early consultant on the design and development of the Bach International Education Programme, she taught the first BFTP course back in 1997.

The BFTP trains Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners who want to be licensed by the Bach Centre to give Level 1 courses. It is only open to BFRPs. (For full eligibility requirements see the information sheet.)

Its first stage, the three-day teaching skills workshop at the Centre, is certificated under the Bach Centre's continuing education programme, BC-ACE.

Those already booked on the course include BFRPs from Singapore, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates - so this year's BFTP should be a truly international event.