A visit from the Soil Association

The Bach Centre garden26th May 2012

This week the garden had its annual inspection by the Soil Association. One of their inspectors spent the day here on Thursday.

As well as verifying what we put on the plants (answer: nothing!) he looked at the remedy-making equipment (bowls, pans etc.).

He also looked at the process, including the way the remedy maker, Peter Warren, goes about collecting flowers on remedy-making days.

We wrote elsewhere in a piece on simplicity about those

"strange areas that seem a million miles from bowls and pans and flowerheads: from European Community Council directives and regulations, to official inspections, quality control, British Standards, fire insurance."

Still, some things are stranger than others, and this particular inspection feels quite homely. It's only signing off on what we have always done. The Bach Centre garden has remained wild and natural and organic - and animal- and environmentally-friendly - since Dr Bach worked on it in the 1930s.