Bach remedies in China

Bach remedies in China15th June 2012

Linda Y.W.Yung, one of the students on our Level 3 course in May, has sent us some photos of the holistic health care centre she helped set up last year in Dujianyan in Sichuan province.

The centre was funded by continuing donations made to help people cope with the after-effects of the devastating earthquake that hit Sichuan in May 2008. As many as 68,000 people lost their lives, and millions more were injured or lost homes and livelihoods. Many are still homeless.

Bach remedies in ChinaLinda (who is second from right at the back in the photo) offered help then with the remedies, but the new centre makes it possible to do much more.

"I and a team of local trained voluntary therapists take turns to help people with the remedies," she told us. "There have been amazing results that I have cherished."

A journalist by profession, Linda is helping spread news about the remedies in other ways, too - not least on the radio.

Bach remedies in China"In the middle of July I shall be on air with Radio Hong Kong every Sunday morning from seven to nine hosting an hour on holistic health care and quality of life, followed by an hour-long audience phone-in to exchange experiences with callers."

China is waking up to the remedies in other ways. BIEP courses have been established in Taiwan for a couple of years, and the Bach Centre's Distance Learning Programme is also in Chinese.

And of the six people attending the Level 1 teacher-training course at the Centre earlier this week, three were Chinese-speaking: we had one student from mainland China, one from Taiwan, and one from Singapore.