News on the Newsletter

Newsletter news20th June 2012

The Bach Centre Newsletter was created by Nora Weeks in the 1950s as a way of talking to people about the remedies, and helping spread the word.

For many years it was published as a small-format printed magazine. More recently it moved to an email format, which was distributed via a Yahoo!Groups email group.

Over the years, and under successive editors - first Nora herself, then John Ramsell and latterly Judy Ramsell Howard - the Newsletter performed a vital job, helping the Centre communicate with remedy users and practitioners around the world.

But there hasn't been a new edition of the Bach Centre Newsletter since 2010, when Volume 7 reached its end. Since then we have been mulling over its future.

A natural evolution has been underway, in truth, for some time. We now update the Bach Centre Facebook and Twitter accounts daily with items that in the past would have been put away for a couple of months ready for the next issue.

We revamped this web site a couple of years ago as well, and the News pages are kept refreshed with announcements from around the world - as well as many that are a deal closer to home.

Since 2008 we have also been running a subscription scheme for supporters of the Centre (and a similar one for students). As well as a full-colour online magazine, the supporter and student schemes offer other benefits including discounts from the Bach Centre's online shop.

And since to the foundation of our International Register of Practitioners in 1991, BFRPs have been receiving their own regular publication, the BFRP Bulletin.

These new ways of interacting with remedy users left the Newsletter in an odd position, where it was trying to do things that were done more effectively and more frequently in other ways.

After much debate - and a good deal of Walnut! - we feel the end of volume 7 of the Newsletter back in 2010 is a good place to complete the process of moving Bach Centre news and information into these newer formats.

We are going to enhance the Bach Centre Supporter and Bach Centre Student magazines to include more history and reflection and other Newsletter-style items. To mark the change, both publications will in future carry the by-line "...and Bach Centre Newsletter".

We will also include more remedy-focused content in the free "Courses" newsletter, which will continue to keep you up to date, between ten and twelve times a year, on courses run at Mount Vernon.

To sign up for the "Courses" newsletter, find out more about the Student and Supporter registrations, and hook up to the Facebook or Twitter accounts, visit this page.

We would like to thank all readers of the old format Newsletter for their support and we hope to continue our relationship with you via one or more of its new incarnations.