French launched July 2012

A new French-language web site for the Bach Centre has been launched.

The new site,, can be accessed from the main home page by selecting "Franšais" in the language box.

BFRPs in French-speaking countries were told about the new site last week.

Bach Centre director Stefan Ball said, "We have introduced the site because we believe that it's important to have a central space where all French-speaking BFRPs can be listed."

As well as the practitioner lists - which update live from the Bach Centre's central database - will grow into a substantial resource of interest to BFRPs and remedy users alike.

A basic guide to the Bach system is already in place and will be added to as the site matures.

There is also an easy search facility that makes finding Bach Centre-approved courses in French easier than ever before. And this innovation will soon be used to access course information elsewhere in the world.

"At the moment visitors to the main web site sometimes get lost trying to find course information," Stefan Ball explained.

"The beauty of the French site is that all the options for doing Level 1 in France, say, are listed in one place. That's a model we will have in mind when we look again at the English site - and at the older mirror sites we already have in German, Spanish and Italian."