A clin d'œil at the remedies

Clin d'œil7th July 2012

A Belgian-based BFRP and BIEP trainer has published a new book on the remedies.

Fleurs de Bach: Clin d'œil sur les émotions, by Véronique Heynen-Rademakers, uses drawings by the artist Vincent Wauthier to give direct visual images of remedy states and emotions.

The result is a playful and effective book that provides a really different slant on learning the remedies.

Feedback on the book has been very positive. "Véronique, your book is brilliant," says one reader.

"It's a great tool for anybody who wants to know the remedies, or revise their knowledge."

Fleurs de Bach: Clin d'œil sur les émotions is available by mail order from Véronique's web site.